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"Find Your Rhythm...and Just Move"

UNIVERSAL RHYTHMIC TM is a youth dance fitness program that was developed by our Artistic Director, Denise Dukes .

Denise's philosophy is that anyone and everyone can dance, we may just have different rhythms, but that doesn't mean you can't and don't love to dance. Music and Dance is a Universal language that brings people together in love, joy and exercise. This is why Universal Rhythmic TM was created...to bring the love and joy of exercising back to our youth.

The Musical Soundtrack used in this video is from Walt Disney's Records "Shake It Up, Break It Down" CD. The children can relate to the music and it really makes them want to move. UNIVERSAL RHYTHMIC TM can be done to any up-tempo or hip-hop flavored music tracks because it's all about the design of the routine. We use a simple 20/20 method... 20 basic steps, switch them up in variations throughout the songs and it's all done in 20 minutes!