About Us

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International School of Performing Arts

ISOPA is a multi-cultural performing arts program headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. Our mission is to be a force of advocacy for individuals, especially our youth to have equal opportunities to discover and to develop their cognitive abilities through sequential and comprehensive artistic programs while simultaneously allowing them to understand their own cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of others.


What We Do:

ISOPA conducts classes, residencies and workshops in the areas of Creative Dance, Drama, Writing, Modeling, Health & Wellness Education, Personal/Career Development Training, Economic Development and Broadcast Recording. We work collaboratively with our Public & Private Educational School Systems, World Leaders, Churches, Corporate and Small Businesses, Arts Organizations; as well as, Local Communities throughout the Southeastern States to help ensure all people, especially our youth have the opportunity to be exposed and explore their creative abilities through the arts.

In working with the schools, we specialize in integrating the arts with core curriculum subject areas of Math, Science, English and Social Studies; as well as, Physical Education and Nutrition to help our students increase their interest in learning, cognitive processing and life-long retention of information, as well as; appreciation and understanding of the arts.

ISOPA is unique in that 90% of our programs involve mobile instruction in which we go directly to the schools, churches, businesses or within a community. We understand today's economy and the limitations of a persons schedule (especially as parents); which is why a majority of our programs are offered within the communities in which we come directly to you. When working with our schools, there is usually no charge to the students, teachers or parents for our 60-90 minute workshops, however; if there is a fee, it is a nominal charge to cover basic expenses for any supplies that are needed for the students.


"The Arts have an incredible potential to heal the individual, and to heal communities at times of need and turmoil. BUT.... perhaps even more importantly, the arts can empower us to become agents ourselves towards the healing and empowerment of others." Author Unknown